Script to get the Forwarded No

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Script to get the Forwarded No

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I built a small PHP application which can set a forward redirection for the own phone number.
The user picks the desired target number, then a script file is created as follows:

SET Dynamic_State_Subscriber "101": "#sourceno#": "1"{Forward = "RV_IMD",Number_Forward = "destno"}

Then I upload this script via FTP and login with telnet to execute:
mgr -X /path/to/myscript -nodico

I don't know any other options to do this better, but it works.

If someone forwards the number not via web interface but on directly on the phone, the status of the website is outdated.
Is there any possibility to query the forwarded number via script?

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Re: Script to get the Forwarded No

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listfwd is your friend

btw can you share your phpscript?
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