No SIP option 4028 / 8028

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No SIP option 4028 / 8028

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I am looking into the possibility of running an Asterisk system with some 4028 Extended Edition handsets.

When I follow the process below to change the Run Type from NOE to SIP the options doesn't seem to be listed. Have tried on an 8028 out of interest and it was the same.

1- Power on the phone.
2- At the phase 2/5 network setup, press the "i" key and just after the "#" key.
3- ‘0 - MAC address’ menu appears.
4- Scroll down to ‘2 - Soft infos’.
5- Press OK.
6- ‘Version NOE x.xx.xx’ is displayed.
7- Scroll down to ‘Run mode’, ‘Set Mode: NOE’ is displayed.
8- Press OK to switch from NOE to SIP mode.
9- Press ‘#’ to save the new configuration.
10- Press the Hang Up key to reset the device to take into account the new configuration

Any ideas? I understand I can somehow telnet to the handset, would this give me any other options (I'm thinking maybe the previous owner's server config had disable SIP mode in some way?)

Many thanks

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Re: No SIP option 4028 / 8028

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First of, when you reboot the phone, does it now show the SIP options in the menu?
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