4XX8EE Phones with Asterisk

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Re: 4XX8EE Phones with Asterisk

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cwsonline wrote: 12 May 2011 10:02 1. PC ethernet configured as with tftp server and binaries.
2. Crossed ethernet cable from phone to PC.
3. Power on phone. Hold i+1+2+3. Release when keys light.
4. After several seconds you will be able to ping the phone at
5. Telnet to phone.
6. >dwl go sipc

Phone will then attempt to download the sip binaries. You could also use just 'dwl go' and it will attempt to download all the binaries.
One question.

Since my 4018EE is powered by PoE (and I don't have a power adapter), should I connect the PC to the PC port and use the LAN port for the PoE Switch?
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