Release 8.0 Genesys Digit Readback Fault

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Release 8.0 Genesys Digit Readback Fault

Post by jazzepat » 08 Nov 2007 21:00

Hi all, we were about to update to release 8.0 g1302xx (this has been tested with g1302, g13025 and g13026b) and due to extensive testing have confirmed, logged an eSr and Alcatel have been able to reproduce an issue when Genesys is trying to play digit readbacks (ie those digit annoucments associated to voice guide 520) in ANY language once 8 digits consecutively are trying to be played from one play annoucement block. HOWEVER if you play 7 digits in one play annoucement block and then add a second line in the same block and play another 7 digits it does not happen, only once it tries 8 digits consecutively. Once the 8th digit is reached instead of hearing the voice guide, you hear a burst of static (GPA2 or Z20VG) or silence (GPA). This remains infinitley until you hang up. Strategys DO NOT default route, the caller becomes stuck. This is not also playing guides 12345678 for instance you could play 99999999 and the 8th '9' would cause this.

Just a note to all those that use this feature, please hold off on 8 until the dynamic patch is release. Ill update the patch level once we recieve it. Should hopefully be another week or so


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