OXE R12.4 and SOT3.0

Dear Santa, I'd like a OXE virtualization on my PC. Can you help ?
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Tha Tawa'S
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OXE R12.4 and SOT3.0

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Hi guys,

Anyone of you have already installed oxe R12.4 M5.204.2.B with SOT 3.0.04 in a VM ?
I tried but it seems, there is a delay between SOT display and reality of OXE.
during SOT linux install view, my oxe is already at delivery,,,,,, and my oxe reboot a long time before delivery install on SOT view is over (around 40%)

Complementary information: Installation 100% but "Install done" never checked.

Additional informations : OMS-10.02 installlation has been successfull (what default account do you use ?? )

Any ideas ?

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: OXE R12.4 and SOT3.0

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Yep completed with no issues at all
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