auto unregister all DECT handsets

Did you say hacking ?
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auto unregister all DECT handsets

Post by mgoegel » 22 Jan 2010 09:27

Don't know, if this is the correct forum...

A while ago i had to change complete numbering plan on customer site - nearly 150 DECT handsets had to be unregistered, before installing the new database.

I used this little script to unregister them.
It was created under R5 chorus, so test it on OXE, before you try this on a productive system!

sets=`tool dectsets|grep "Nbr="|grep -v "?"|awk '{print $2 }'|cut -b 5-`
for i in $sets
echo -e "y\ny\n"|tool dectrm "$i"

btw: instead of echo -e "y\ny\n"|tool dectrm "$i" you can use tool dectrm -e "$i"


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