Hunt Groups Forward with override option

Go ahead, shoot for the feature requests, and if anyone knows the solution, they will share it with you. If there is a lot of people who request something, I will make a marketing request directly with Alcatel. A good idea would be to create a poll with each request. Alcatel-Lucent is aware of this forum.
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Hunt Groups Forward with override option

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Dears, I am implementing OXE in a hotel and we have a hunt group with number 0 contains handsets for 3 receptionists. customer requirements are as follows:
- in the rush hour, there must be a button on each phone to forward calls to back office to let receptionists concentrate with clients.
- the back office will receive the calls as long as the forward is activated, but if the back office wanted an info from reception he can override the forward and call on of the receptionists.

my problem is that I've gone through two ways but both didn't fulfill completely all needs:
1- I've configured a forward option on each reception phone to forward calls to back office, but it didn't work with the hunt group. if anyone dials 0 all 3 phones rings.
2- I've done sign-off/sign-on button on each phone so that if the 3 phones are signed-off then all calls to 0 will go to back office. but I couldn't dial any extension by itself if it is signed off (couldn't achieve the second requirement that when the back office needs info from the reception it dials the extension by its number not the 0 to get it)

so any idea how to achieve this.

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