Attendant Console on Digital Phone

Go ahead, shoot for the feature requests, and if anyone knows the solution, they will share it with you. If there is a lot of people who request something, I will make a marketing request directly with Alcatel. A good idea would be to create a poll with each request. Alcatel-Lucent is aware of this forum.
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Attendant Console on Digital Phone

Post by elcoma7 »

currently the option is for attendant console are : 4059 IP ( combine with Digital/IP phone/ softphone ), IP Desktop softphone, andIP Touch ( which has limited feature compare to 4059, like for the hospitality feature )

I think there should be an option to have attendant console on Digital phone ( like the good old 4035 phone ) for cost reason.
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Re: Attendant Console on Digital Phone

Post by enio.eltz »

I agree with you.
Another thing. The use of 40 keys add-on modules for attendant set. Nowadays it's not possible. Thought of business men...
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Re: Attendant Console on Digital Phone

Post by alonzajacobs »

Its a nice information about the Attendant console, I also think that its good to attach this console with Digital phone so that we can use it more wisely.
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Attendant Console on Digital Phone

Post by Barrykeery »

what do you think of the idea to show the control booth, or a part of it, in the console window?

For me, it could be very helpful.Also nice would be the way to set options direct on the console screen...regards
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