Timed auto transfer

Go ahead, shoot for the feature requests, and if anyone knows the solution, they will share it with you. If there is a lot of people who request something, I will make a marketing request directly with Alcatel. A good idea would be to create a poll with each request. Alcatel-Lucent is aware of this forum.
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Timed auto transfer

Post by HUSSAINQCS » 14 Feb 2018 09:52

I have hotel OXE connected with Avaya in other hotel

Scenario :
Oxe (Any user )
Oxe (3542) —which is in hunt group
Avaya (17542)

When oxe user calls to 3542 from
Morning 6 PM 8 AM call have to get auto transfer to Avaya ext 17542

Also from 5.59 PM to 8.01 AM if any oxe user tries to reach 3542 after no answer of 4 consecutive rings the call should get forward to Operator (0)- Avaya operator

I have configured Avaya operator as network number in oxe also configured 17542 as speed dial number in oxe

The problem is that I can change hunt group where the extension 3542 was added because it’s already configured with 28T as prefix in all guest analog phone keys

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