Installing new ACTIS/OPS files - Properly

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Post by Mr T » 08 Sep 2010 10:20

if u lost actis happens...i this case u can try *.swk file from website...take a back up ops file in cpu disk, connect via ftp software , go to DHS3dyn>backup>OPS folder, here u can see the ops files which u have done the backup, delete the *.swk file put ur new *.swk file, go to swinst install the ops files from cpudisk...i did for some clinets in this way...then i realized this was worng method,, u can try this and let us know...
If you lose the license file, just save the OPS to disk and pull them off. Do they not teach the basics in training anymore?

Use swinst ops management, save OPS files to disk. Now your files are here ->


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