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Business Portal site not working ?

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Business Portal site not working ?

Post by simon » 11 Aug 2015 16:48

Am I the only one having difficulties with the BPWS ?
Since they changed the look, I can't connect with Firefox with my macbook air (Secure Connection Failed).
Safari is no better, I get a blank page.

But of course, with IE11 on a Windows machine, it works.

It is pretty miserable that nowadays a company would come up with a web site that is not compatible with at least IE / FIREFOX / CHROME / SAFARI...

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: Business Portal site not working ?

Post by vad » 11 Aug 2015 23:49

I'm use IE11 (w7 corp) - BPWS works.

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Re: Business Portal site not working ?

Post by haroun » 12 Aug 2015 03:59

vad i think he would said that BPWS should work with all web surfer

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Re: Business Portal site not working ?

Post by tgn » 12 Aug 2015 04:54

yes it is a shame for a producer of so many products based on linux to have still no good support for other browsers than IE...
i think the main problem is that the serverinstallation of businessportal.alcatel-lucent.com is too old.
you can test it (with the "tools" descibed in tg0077ed.02) https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/
after this something is more clear why firefoxe decline the connection to this server...
the servers on the fqdn https://businessportal2.alcatel-lucent.com are more up to date and working with more browsers on the fly.

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Re: Business Portal site not working ?

Post by Marce11uy » 24 Aug 2015 10:14

Hi all,
I think maybe something change on Alcatel page from this post where we can correct the configuration of Firefox to work fine.

If someone find a solution please post there.


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