Selling my OXE lab media gateway

If you are looking for some parts, or selling some Alcatel stuff, this is the place !
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Selling my OXE lab media gateway

Post by tot3nkopf »

I am selling my home lab media gateway which has served me quite well over the last years.

The package includes:
1 x MG S cabinet (OMniPCX Office version with embedded PSU EU version)
1 x GD2 + MADA3 daughterboard
1 x PRA T2
1 x MIX 2/4/4

Shipping is done from Germany.

PM me your offers if interested.
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Re: Selling my OXE lab media gateway

Post by Olpiucs »

Has no one interested in your media gateway for so long? People still don't like buying old ones.
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