Alcatel 1000E10 - Litespadn 1540 MSAN need to sell

If you are looking for some parts, or selling some Alcatel stuff, this is the place !
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Alcatel 1000E10 - Litespadn 1540 MSAN need to sell

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if you are looking any part of Alcatel exchange 1000 E10/CSN or Alcatel Litespand 1540 MSAN or any use Telecom part. Please contact with us with email below. Thank you !

Alcatel 1000 E10, CSN / Exchange.

Item No. Part No. Description Name of card
1 AAC001036D06 RCID4
2 AAC0010366A02 RCSM4
3 AAC0010359D06 RCMP4
4 3BW00343AAAE01 ICIDS
5 AA0017518H05 ICID
6 3BW00461AA02AE ICTSS
8 3BW00094AAAD03 TCRCX
9 3BW01218AABA03 TABNP
11 3BW00072AAAB01 TCPOSB
13 3BW0048AAAJ06 TCCSC
14 3BW00096AAAD05 TCTRS
15 3BW00067AA TCHLR
16 3BW12793AA TABASH
18 AAC0010225J12 ACHIL2
19 3BW00050AAAJ08 TPUCD
20 3BW12634ABAA03 IC16E1
21 3BW00454AAAH03 TCRMT1
22 3BW00075AAAM01 TABAF
24 3BW01218AABA03 TABNP
25 D17555 TCBTL
26 3BW00106AAA TCOND
27 3BW00454AAA TCRMT1
28 3BW00096AA TCTRS
29 3BW12797AA TCVDRH

Litespand 1540 MSAN
1 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19709NC Narrow band controller card for non integrated (G703) transport (NEHCC 64HDLC)
2 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19709ND Narrow band controller card for non integrated (G703) transport (NEHCC 128HDLC) for HUB or High-ISDN ratio nodes (PBA-NEHC-C NO EMI PDH-128 HDLC)
3 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19845AB 48 POTS line card (ATL3-G) with integrated ringing and Line Testing.
Standard Line Testing Set
4 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19958AA Power,PBA-PEIC 120 Ohm
5 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19958AB Power, NLC termination and 75ohm 16xE1 i/f card (PEIC)
6 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19958BA Power, NLC termination card (POW3)
Just for MLS-3F NB extensions or 
NGN-only equipment (together with GIO3)
7 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19963AA Narrow band extender card for MLS-3F (Full size card) NSEC-C
8 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19967AA Local I/O card (LIOC). Auxiliary, Local LAN, E1 sync, CT card
9 Alcatel Lucent 3AM19967BA GE I/O card for NGN only equipment (GIO3).
Auxiliary, GE-SFP transport ports, CT card
12 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20033AF POWER, NLC  75OHM 16xE1 I/F CARD (PEIC)
13 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20056AA 16 ISDN-BAs line card 2B1Q (BAL3-G) with integrated Line Testing
14 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20057AB VoIP server control card (VIS3-B) for MLS-3F.
15 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20070AA SFP Pluggable Optical Module, GE SX MM 850nm, -10C to +85C, Duplex LC connector, 550m (7dB)
16 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20070AB SFP Pluggable Optical Module, GE LX SM 1310nm, -40C to +85C, Duplex LC connector, 10km (11dB)
17 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20070AC SFP Pluggable Optical Module, GE EX SM 1310nm, -40C to +85C, Duplex LC connector, 40km (18dB)
18 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20101AA GigaEthernet Bridge Adaptor Card (GEB3-B) w/o GE SFP modules.
19 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20117AA SHDSL (TDM) line card (SLT3-A) with 8 ports at 2Mbps rates
20 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20121AA ISDN Primary rate access card/4x2Mbps & G703 (PRC3-B), 8x2Mbps
21 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20184AA PBA-NTIO-A
22 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20071BG 1540 Litespan, 3AM20071BG,OEM-FanS TRAY(A+B) 4XINDOOR-48VDC
23 Alcatel Lucent 3AM20203AA 1540 LiteSpan, 3AM20203AA, Smoke Detector
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