Alcatel Lucent Equipment

If you are looking for some parts, or selling some Alcatel stuff, this is the place !
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Alcatel Lucent Equipment

Post by Nesvit »

Good Afternoon!

My name is Alex Nesvit from Ukraine.

I am writing to your company in case of some equipment (ill add list of this equipment bellow).

My friend have new equipment, it left after liquidation of the company and he would like to sell it.

If you will have any interesting in it, please contact with me.

Best Regards
Alex Nesvit

List of equipment:
1. Alcatel lucent SFP-GIGE BX10-D-LC R6/6 DDM-40/85c

In stock: 32 pc.

2. Alcatel lucent SFP-GIGE BX10-U-LC R6/6 DDM-40/85c

In stock: 30 pc.

3. Alcatel lucent GIGE BX40-D ROHS-6/6 – LC – DDM

In stock: 4 pc.

4. Alcatel lucent GIGE BX40-U ROHS-6/6 – LC – DDM

In stock: 5 pc.

5. Alcatel lucent XFP – 10GE LR – LC ROHS 6/6 0/70C

In stock: 10 pc.

6. Alcatel lucent XFP – 10GE ER – LC ROHS 6/6 0/70C

In stock: 3 pc.

7. Alcatel lucent SFO – GIGE ZX – LC ROHS 6/6 DDM – 40/85C

In stock: 2 pc.

8. Alcatel lucent 3HE00062CB

In stock: 280 pc.

9. Alcatel lucent SFP- GIGE LX – LC ROHS 6/6 DDM – 40/85C

In stock:12 pc.

10. Alcatel lucent IMM-2PAC-FP3, vendor code 3he07305ba

In stock: 2 pc.

And plus to this list power supplies for the router Alcatel-lucent 7210SAS around 15-20 pc.

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Re: Alcatel Lucent Equipment

Post by titantelecom »

Hello Alex,

I am interested in some of this equipment.

Please email me the list.



Titan Telecom

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