Setting time zone OXE

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Setting time zone OXE

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Does anyone know if it`s possible to change the time zone on the pbx using a script? Ex. on script for GMT -3 and one for +3? The pbx is on a vessel moving thru different time zones..

There is a NTP Server on the network but it seems like the timezone settings is not updated on the pbx. I dont know if the time zone should be able to be updated from NTP?


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Re: Setting time zone OXE

Post by vad »

Not good idea. When you change time-zone - you need to restart PBX (without restart - you will see wrong time on digital set).
One question - how changed time zone (or time) for another equipment (PC etc.). I think - time zone changing - not convenient. May be used specific NTP server (send not UTC time but local time)?

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Re: Setting time zone OXE

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good day.
someone has a manual to set the server of the date and time.
best regards. :)

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Re: Setting time zone OXE

Post by haroun »

it's Under swinst read also system doc and some linux tricks to made it .

form me it was simple , cuse we have a local ntp server .also i manage to synch my whole oxes net via abcf-2 link from my principal oxe wich retrieves time form ntp.
NTP is running
Configured as client of server(s):
> 139.53.X.x
> 139.53.Y.y

sme time is dispalyed on digital, ipphoes and pcs

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