OmniPCX software downloading

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OmniPCX software downloading

Post by tian20083 » 12 Mar 2018 12:20

Hi Expert:

I want to get some OmniPCX software:

1. OmniVista 8770
2. 29-Party Meeting software
3. OmniPCX AA software
4. Oxe software

Thanks a lot.

I can pay some money (by PayPal) for this software.

Thanks a lot.

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: OmniPCX software downloading

Post by vad » 13 Mar 2018 01:16

For OmniVista 8770 - you need licences (just SW not enough)
29-Party Meet-me - it is just feature from OXE SW (no separated SW, in PBX - you need licences)
AA - the same as with Meet-me - no additional SW, licences needed
OXE SW - which release, for what reason (do you have PBX with licences?).

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