Information Required about PSAL

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Information Required about PSAL

Post by muhammad hadi » 24 Mar 2016 10:12

Hi All,
Hope everyone is doing well.I have some queries regarding Power Supply alarm, Actually one of the client got issue that his CPU got shutdown because of PSAL alarm sent to CPU.Now The client has some queries and I also want to know about the questions asked.Looking forward to your kind responses and time.
1.Both Cpu's are in the same ACT , but I got the PSAL on the one cpu and that was main, so question arises here is that,if the signal is sent only to main cpu or both?
2.When I checked the voltages they were found to be fine like 49V but still PSAL was not removed even I restarted the system. Shouldnt the CPU boot up after getting the voltage are back and above the thrushold level?If yes y didnt the CPU got in service?
3.One of my CPU was in service but to get the other in service, I looped -48 to PSAL and than the cpu with PSAL got booted. I need to do so, like giving the voltage directly from -48v.How can i get back to previous state?Y should I by pass PSAL?What are the drawbacks of looping -48 to PSAL.
4.Also please provide with the documentation to get in depth about PSAL, as I am not able to find it in documentation.
Please refer the Path if it there....

I Know I have posted very long questions but I need to know about the working in all aspects and I think this is the only forum I can get the help.
Iam thanking in anticipation for the people replying to my post

Waiting for replies.
%Really Grateful to everyone

Best Regards
Muhammad Hadi

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Re: Information Required about PSAL

Post by vad » 24 Mar 2016 12:24

1 - one PSAL signal used for both CPU (brown wire - easy to find from the back side). Check - that CPU properly inserted. In my practice was case - when CPU was inserted not fully.

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