Prefix and route

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Prefix and route

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Hi guys!

I’m newbie in OXE universe and I have some doubts.

I have two COS for different extensions that need to receive external calls. For COS 2, the extensions numbers are 2xx. For COS 3, the extensions numbers are 3xx. They do not have connection. From another PBX to dial COS 2 extensions, I need to dial the prefix 010 plus extension 2xx. Then OXE receives 0102xx and forwards the call to extension 2xx. Likewise, to dial COS 3 extensions, I need to dial prefix 910 plus extension 3xx. Then OXE receives 9103xx and forwards the call to extension 3xx.
First question: How do I assign prefixes 010 and 910 as OXE's own to the corresponding COS?

Another situation: COS 2 extensions dial outside to other PBXs using the 9yy prefix plus the extension number, that is, 6 digits are sent through a given E&M trunk group. I need to add a new group of Q.SIG trunks that also route calls to 9yy so that the main output is through the Q.SIG trunk and the secondary output is through the E&M trunk.
Second question: How do I create different routes to the same destination?

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Prefix and route

Post by vad »

For first question - not clear - you talk about outgoing PBX or incoming?
For incoming - usually you need to manage DID translator (translator/external numbering plan/ DID translator). If in incoming TG used "DID transcoding".
For second question - you have two option:
- route call via QSIG TG and declare in QSIG TG overflow TG (E&M)
- use ARS feature

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