4059EE Attendant IP Duplicate

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4059EE Attendant IP Duplicate

Post by enrique.man » 17 Oct 2019 22:43

Hello guys,

I´ve just installed a 4059EE IP Attendant on a pc , but to work it requires an associate set, the reason i´m not sure. I´ve associate a physical IP phone 4008 and it works fine, so i tried to install on the same pc a softphone 8028 and associate it to the 4059EE IP Attendant and it work! however when looking at the mac address of all the phones in the pbx using command ippstat it shows 1 duplicate address.

Is that ok ? the pbx to have a duplicate address? can i have the attendant 4059EE and a softphone 8028 on the same pc working?

Hope somebody can answer my doubt.


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