Forward if set out of service

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Forward if set out of service

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hello there

I'm having problems geting the forward if set is out service thing.
My system is R11.0.

I do have an agent extension with an associated DID; I need DID received calls to overflow to a pilot number when agent is under BRNA conditions.
I configured the pilot number as agent's extension associated number and that works smoothly.

The problem is when the agent is out of service (logged off), and I'm not able to get the calls to overflow to that associated number.

I checked that "Forward if set is out of service" is set to 1 on PHONE FEATURE COS.
I verified that the call overflows to entity's CDT if "Overflow entity if out of serv set" is set to TRUE under system parameters, and I get an "unreachable tone" if set to FALSE.

I managed the same config with standard (non agents or acd authorized sets) just in case ACD related stuff could have any particularity, but I can read on calling's number screen "User xxxxx Out of Service"

I'm I missing something? technical doc is pretty straight fordward :-(

thank you in advance



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