set supervisor station

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set supervisor station

Post by dsears » 06 Jan 2017 18:01

I have a main UA virtual number that rings for 2 people at the same time and when I go to user\user associated sets\ I set both users under supervisor station. I cant just got to supervisor station and add a new line but I dont know where I need to go to add a third supervision. I went down to group and have 2 pickup groups but they look empty and my hunt group is empty as well. Any help would be great.

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Re: set supervisor station

Post by murraya » 07 Jan 2017 16:30

hi, on the new station you want to ring just go to the keys of that station and add a "set supervision" key of the virtual. set it to ring as you want i.e. long ring, short ring withor without over ring.
note that first the new set must be multiline i.e. must have at least one multiline key of itself.
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