Hunt Group name not displaying

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Hunt Group name not displaying

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Hello Experts,
Option 1:
I created a Hunt Group (Service Desk - 555) and added 4 numbers in the group. Calls are working fine but when i dial 555 from any phone it shows the "Name" of the destination user. When some one dial "555" in their phone it should display "Service Desk".

I added "555" in Phone book also but it doesn't works.

Option 2:
I tried to do this in another way also.
Created Hunt Group as 1700
I tried to create an user (Name: Service Desk, Directory no.555) with analog/UA as set type and dynamic state user was set to Immediate forward to 1700.

After this, the person who receive the call see the name as "Service Desk" but the person who dialling "555" cant see "Service Desk" as name. Dialling person see the real name of the receiving person.

Can some one help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

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