Speed dialing rights configuration

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Speed dialing rights configuration

Post by qasim-raza » 23 Jul 2015 18:14

Hello everyone,
I am configuring OXE with R11.1, I have created speed dialing numbers. The question is that how i can manage these speed dialing numbers. I mean how i can allow to particular extensions who can dial these speed dials and on some extensions how i can block this. Which class of service i have to manage for this....Please help

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Re: Speed dialing rights configuration

Post by vad » 23 Jul 2015 23:41

In SD you have item "barring" - if checked - Public Network COS rigts will be used.
F.e. you create SD 3000 with call number 00734222104000
if batting unchecked - everyone can dial 3000 (f.e. this is long distant call - but to your brunch office in Russia)
if barring checked - 3000 can use user with Public Network COS - where 00734222104000 allowed.

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