Entity never change from night

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Entity never change from night

Post by tuxalize » 14 Apr 2012 21:30

Hi all,
I have installed an OXE R9.1 33c, and the entity never changes from night.
entitystat 1 says night.
I changed all entities mode for incoming and outgoing calls to DAY, just to be sure and nothing change.
Does anyone have a clue ?


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Re: Entity never change from night

Post by murraya » 15 Apr 2012 01:56

hi, how do you expect the entity to change? should it be based on time or follow an operator?

to follow the operator then you need to allocate the operator group in the entity fot it to follow.
for time you need to configure the entity incoming/outgoing state hours down one level from the entity in mgr.
hope that helps.
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