Outgoing ring tone

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Guilherme Arthur
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Outgoing ring tone

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I have an OXE in realase 11.1 and I have a problem that when I make an external call using an R2 trunk there is no tone showing that I am calling it.

in trunk settings the option:

Tone in seizure = true.

Is there any other place to activate this false tone?

can anyone tell me what is the tone number that would be this call?

Thank you

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Re: Outgoing ring tone

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what kind of prefix did u use ?! Professional tkg seize or Professional Ars ?!
me too i'm using r2 and tone in seize is true , i got that tone dialling tone
Tone on seizure + True
and this my tone
Connected neqt
ref neqt_it_tab - ref neqt_it_tab
2 30_121 <-> 125 150_109
92 92_4 <-- AUXTODIS
110 110_38 <-- AUX_ZERO
585 585_116 <-- AUXTPTT1

it dépends in your coutry
| tonality number | tonality label | tonality type |
| 20 | AUXTPTT1 |TONE |

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