Call transit

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Call transit

Post by hung.le »

Hello everyone,
I have problem with call transit on Network. My network includes some nodes below:

Calls scenario:
1. Ext 86000 call to all other nodes

2. Ext 35000 call to:
- Ext 32000: OK
- Ext 18000: OK
- Ext 68000: Not OK
- Ext: 83000: Not OK

3. Ext 83000 call to:
- Ext 35000: OK
- Ext 32000: OK
- Ext 18000: OK

I have opened an eSR and support engineer tell me the link between node A and B have to use ABC-F IP instead of H323. But i wonder with current H323, from node A, some nodes can reach and some nodes can not reach?

anyone have experience pls advice me why from Node A, ext 35000 can not call to ext in node C (83000) and D (68000)?

Thanks and regards!

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Re: Call transit

Post by oldboy »

A t3 trace would help all these numbers not really doing it for us, also maybe your Trunk configs!!
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Re: Call transit

Post by alex »

Image is missing too.
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