Trunk line - lockout status

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Post by vad » 17 Nov 2010 07:19

If all trunk - OS (out of services).
Sometimes - in trunk you have declared "trunk COS"
External services/ Trunk COS - for used COS manage item "Unavailable Time Betw.2 Seizes" - try with 20 (or 25) instead of 10 (1 sec). You need to reset board after this.
Was problem with NDDI board - 1 sec not enough for release and second seizure.

If all trunk - busy - check why (f.e. with listincall command).
Transfer with two external user allowed (DTO joining in TG local parameters)? If yes - system/ other system - what about "No detect.of On-hook tone" item. And parameters for - System/ tone detection parameters - parameters for "on-hook tone".

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Re: Trunk line - lockout status

Post by richmanll » 21 Jun 2011 23:32

Have you set this parameter to false?

lqReview/Modify: Other System Param.qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqk
x x
x Node Number (reserved) : 1 x
x Instance (reserved) : 1 x
x Instance (reserved) : 1 x
x x
x Trunk seizure via attendant + True x
x No detect.of On-hook tone + False *************** set this to false if not yet configured in your side. x
x TrkGrp in ticket for + True x
x VPN service + True x
x ISVPN Node No. : 1 x
x No. Digits displayed on sets : 1 x
x Melody Ringing Type : 1 x
x Int.Call Ringing Cadence No. : 1 x
x Ext.Call Ringing Cadence No. : 1 x
x Executive Type Ringing Cadence No. : 1 x
x Priority Call Cadence No. : 1 x
x ISO Function + False x
x Reserve B Channel + False x
x No control: Business Account Code + False x
x Business Pref.With Business No. + True x
x Business prefix with code + False x
x x

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Re: Trunk line - lockout status

Post by amit-sharma » 16 May 2013 10:04


Can I get the analog extension no. because of which "Shift into Line Lockout Status" incident generates. Please help me on this.

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