Call Overflow VPN Cost

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Call Overflow VPN Cost

Post by mejust »

Hi Guys

We have a few sites interconnected through ABC Hybird lyncs and we also use reduced call costing .
Example :

Node A is in France and Node B UK . When Uk calls a french number the call goes through the ABC Link to France and uses the sites trunk for external calls.
The problem is now Node C needs to uae Node B to make calls , Normally we configure on Node C an image of Node B trunk for external calls .
When I configure the trunk on node C all is good but for some reason when we do a trkstat 12 we see an error saying " this trunk group number (12) has no junctor instead of this trunk group (12) is a remote on B .

With out this trunk working I can overflow the calls from one node to another to use the nodes country external line.

Any sugestions .
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Re: Call Overflow VPN Cost

Post by haroun »

of corse tkgp 12 is on node B , >trkstat on node C can't Apply to trkgp 12 as it's not a local tkgp with trunks ,it's a normal error message
check with this
"PPl_cpu20> trkstat -r 1936

Fri Jan 24 13:17:27 GMT 2020

*** Error : This trunk group number (1936) has no junctor !
1936 is sip trkgp in node 1 and ppl is node 4

in reality from node C you seize a private B hybrid chanel to get acces to node B external trunks in trkgp12
if perform a trkstat of the hybrid link when you seize external from node b , u will see that a chanel is engaged
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