Broadcast issues between R11 and R9.1

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Broadcast issues between R11 and R9.1

Post by stancu_adi » 19 Mar 2014 11:24


We have 2 nodes: one in R9.1 (i1.605.31) and one in R11(k1.400.30.f) configured on ABCF network on IP. Everything is working less the broadcast, which is going ok from node with release R9.1 to R11 but from R11 to R9.1 no.

In broadcast history on node with release 9.1 we can see the error:
......Copy File /DHS3dyn/mao/LOG.27.2 from node 27 Error (-1)

Is anybody face to this issue ? In tech comm normally the R9.1/R10/R10.1.1/R11 can be on the same network without restriction. Something is missing me?



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