MWI with 3rd party VM over SIP Trunk

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MWI with 3rd party VM over SIP Trunk

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I have OXE 12.3 with ACT Cabinets, eZ32-2 boards and eUA32. System is in Guest Management Mode with a 3rd party voicemail connected over SIP trunk

We can receive voicemail message and retrieve but MWI does not work, it does not turn on when message is left. All the GPINS's are assigned External VM No. as associated set and VM is also activated under users. MWI is set to On for all users (GPIN as well as phyiscal extensions).

SIP Notify is being received and acknowledged but MWI remains off... VM Vendor tried sending message wating on and off through AHL as well for that they receive acknowledgement from OXE but on phone it does not work...

I tried with setting up prefixes for message deposit and switch off Message LED and both works fine.

MWI does not work on 8039 digital phones as well.

I am quite confused here, any help?
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