Mastered Conference

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Mastered Conference

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Hi. We have the Mastered Conference License for up to 29 parties but i noticed that on the when we manually add the conference participants, it can't go more that 6. Then I check the N Conference Modularity, it was 7, so I increase it to 15. But again when i test, only 6 participant can conference and not 14.

The GPA Program is : 3 Conferences + Detection and Tone. And Modular 1 is 1 x 30 Add-On, Modular 2 is 1 x 30 Add-On and Modular 3 is 1 x 30 Meet Me.

Please if you can help.



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Re: Mastered Conference

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For GPA2 board - not interesting N Conference Modularity. Just management for GPA2 board (modular conference).
N Conference Modularity - for GA/GD board (you need to check compressors/ number of conference management and may be restart board - GA/GD).
Check with "cfnstat" command - conference size - 30 or not.

Second question - users - internal or external. May be you have limitation from external or inter-ACT connection.

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