Enable SSHv2

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Enable SSHv2

Post by Felix »

Hi all,

I'm wondering if someone could help me. I'm trying to enable SSHv2 on OXE R12.3 and found in the forum a way to first generate OXE host keys for both CPU's and then generate custom keys on the Main and then you can use the oxe-copy-ssh-id command which works OK.

Once this is done I activate the same keys back on the Main CPU and checked in Netadmin that both are using custom keys for SSHv2.

However a few minutes later I get the following error in the incidents;

2679=CMIS err rcp EFD on stand-by CPU: appli CMISE err 0

I am then unable to ssh over from the Main to the Standby so I have to revert back to SSHv1.

Does anyone know the correct method on how to do this? The Security documentation is pretty basic.

Thanks all!
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Re: Enable SSHv2

Post by frank »

I tried in my lab, and I don t have this issue....
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