Polycom Trio 8800

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Polycom Trio 8800

Post by pretzellogic45 » 27 Feb 2018 09:25

Hi, we have a new Polycom Trio 8800 conference phone, configured as a SIP extension. The switch is an OXE running R11.1 (L1.301.40a)

The phone is registered but has a couple of issues:
1 - On an incoming or outgoing call, if the call is ended by the Polycom, the conversation continues on the other end for a further 30 seconds. If the call is ended by the other party, the call ends immediately on both ends. This is the case whether calling an internal extension or making a call over a SIP trunk to the carrier (CenturyLink)

2 - When making a call from the Polycom, it rings on the other end immediately, but there is a delay of a few seconds before ring tone is heard on the Polycom.

A Polycom engineer has confirmed that the phone has been configured correctly. Has anyone had any experience with this phone running on the OXE?


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Re: Polycom Trio 8800

Post by cavagnaro » 28 Feb 2018 07:15

Do a Wireshark capture or a tcpdump on the OXE and endpoints to see exactly what is going on.
Without logs no direct answer can be provided.

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