DNS Enty in DHCP Conf OmniPCX Enterprise

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DNS Enty in DHCP Conf OmniPCX Enterprise

Post by Mike » 15 Mar 2014 08:43

Hi guys,
I urgent need a tip.
If I make an entry in dhcp.conf with : Option domain-name-Servers @IP, the DNS in dhcp from OxE works fine.
But after a reboot of CPU or a fast cpu Switch over the dhcp.conf is set to Default, that means only the Option Parameter is deleted.
How is it possible to do this entry for ever also after a reboot? Is it possible to to this in an certain runlevel?
An if it so in which runlevel on which place e.g. s99tel or anything else?
Or have anyone another idea?
We need this, because in our customers Environment we must use the internal OxE DHCP - but we have also a Opentouch with MIC8600 in a
WLAN and this phone wont get a DNS-IP?
Thank you in advanced for your advices.
Greetings Mike

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DNS Enty in DHCP Conf OmniPCX Enterprise

Post by WarnerBek » 17 Jan 2019 10:31

how about the dhcp stuff? Wont that be working in the background trying to pull an IP, build resolv.conf and so on even though I change the interfaces file?

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