Alcatel OXO R9

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Alcatel OXO R9

Post by stone62 » 20 Apr 2013 14:06

Hello to all, a salute to the amm. he users of the forum.
I have a question to submit, I installed a few days ago with 60 phones alcatel oxo R9 owners ip 4008 and 10 DAP-IP DECT 4080 and so far so good.
The problem is the registration of IP DAP-4080 DECT telephone system connecting to the corporate network.
We have disabled the DHCP from the central OXO utiliziamo and that of the customer, Widows Server 2008 r2 activating a range of IP dedicated to the switchboard ranging from to static IP of the OXO 192,168,1,120
At this point we have included Rule 66 in the DHCP Server Client pointing the telephone the DAP IP-DECT 4080 continue to reboot believe they receive the configuration file from the OXO.
The question is how should I set the rules of the DHCP server to the client so that the DAP IP-DECT 4080 requires the configuration file to the telephone?
I should also activate the option 67? I am asked to enter a string that does not know.
If you could help me I'd be grateful.
NB if the customer network physically logoff and restart the DAP-IP DECT 4080 recording is done regularly.

Sorry for my English translated by google

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Re: Alcatel OXO R9

Post by rossitlc » 06 May 2013 15:40

Hello! i work in team with stone62

And finally.............. it works!

It was hard but at least we won!!
We've donwnloaded the dapconfig.txt by the oxo and defined the path in the option 66 of MS DHCP server 2008 and it's finally works!!

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