8028/8038 phones with PC

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8028/8038 phones with PC

Post by fishziblu2 » 09 Feb 2016 05:05

I have an 8028 phone with a PC connected on it. The two are connected to an Alcatel switch 6602-48 ( to be upgraded).
I need the PC to connect to a users vlan and the phone to a voice vlan. Both vlans use MAC address as access.

By putting the port mobile and no 802.1q settings enabled on the phone or port, I only get the PC mac address viewable.
I see no traffic coming out from the phone. So the phone does not connect.

If I enable the 802.1q on the phone, I am forced to use vlan port default. Therefore any PC will be access the user vlan.
Which is not acceptable.

Do you have any insights on how I could go about this issue?
I am aware that the switch firmware is old, and we are to upgrade all the network.

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