PCS Serial connection - Pin outs

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PCS Serial connection - Pin outs

Post by Nic » 14 Feb 2012 12:32

Hi All,

I have an unconfigured PCS sitting in a MG in Nashville. I'm in the UK and need to talk the user through connecting his laptop to the PCS console port, so I can remote onto his laptop and give the PCS and IP - to be able to get to it over the corporate network.

First I need to get the guy a console cable - so my question is - any idea what the Pin outs at each end of the console cable need to be and is the PCS end and RJ45 or DB9 connector ?

Many thanks all for your time.


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Re: PCS Serial connection - Pin outs

Post by nic0 » 20 Feb 2012 04:45


DB9 female - RJ45 Male
7 - 1
4 - 2
3 - 3
5 - 5
2 - 6
6 - 7
8 - 8

If you need to know the pin out of a DB9 and a RJ45 take a look here http://www.zytrax.com/tech/layer_1/cabl ... _rs232.htm
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Re: PCS Serial connection - Pin outs

Post by krzysioD » 06 Mar 2012 07:40

There should be RS232c to RJ45 connector with alcatel logo with your shipment attached (so you only need a straight patchcord) or a cable with RJ45 on one side and DB9 female on the other.
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