PCS - UDP lost timers

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PCS - UDP lost timers

Post by o_rawlinson » 22 Nov 2012 07:16

I have a network based on ADSL 2+ with media gateways at the remote sites and call servers at my main site.

I deliver calls via IP from the call servers at the centre across the WAN as well as using some local ISDN 2E and PRI's at the branches them selves

We've found that due to ADSL retraining taking up to 1 and half minutes in which time the media gateway loses IP connectivity to the call server - we've tuned the UDP lost timers up to 150 seconds to avoid the mediagateway rebooting (which subsequently takes 5-10 minutes)

Is there any problem with increasing this timer? It certainly looks to have stablised the number of PCS reboots we experience - however there is some concern on the effect on the call servers themselaves.

Thanks in advance

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