SNMP V3 Configuration with SolarWinds

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SNMP V3 Configuration with SolarWinds

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Hi everyone.
I'm not a PBX guy and probably the question looks stupid.

The idea is configure SNMP v3 on Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise R12 SP3. But...

It's already did on customer's side but on our monitoring server (SolarWinds) We can't get access with provided customer credentials. With error Wrong Digests. I don't able to configure or check configuration on PBX side :( but I'm pretty sure that credentials are right and probably mistake is in configuration SNMP v3 like Authentication or Privacy or context settings.

SNMP v3 configured with Authentication or Privacy settings. Customer said that he uses MD5 as Authentication algorithm and DES for Privacy algorithm

The question is where I can get configuration guides (at least SNMP configuration section) to understand where we got fail because I didn't find anything in Google :) or if someone has experience with Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise and SolarWinds can provide me right configuration example.

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