BiCS and OTUC license not working

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BiCS and OTUC license not working

Post by JohnBoy » 25 Jan 2010 04:44

Hello all,

I seem to haqve a strange issue with the OTUC and the BiCS in relation to the licenses. The OTUC does not seem to pick up the licenses from the BiC consistently. If you run service flexd stop, wait 60 seconds and then run service felxd start, you can see the licenses appear in the web window on the OTUC, but then after a few minutes they disappear and the error comes upo that it cannot retrieve the licenses from the license server (NOEPHONE). This issue is within the BiCS troubleshooting guides but I have checked the hostname and FQDN within the licenses and they all look the same as per documentation. I have checked lmstat and seen that the FlexLM server is also up and running.
At present the issue has been pushed to Alcatel-Lucent R&D but I need a quicker response because R&D always take ages to respond. On 1.1 I believe the issue is not there (not checked but I am only getting it R2.x and then new 2.1 B version). I have a silly but possible causew of issue as that I believe the USB Dongle has to be pluggede on the front of the IBM M2 Maolin server (because on the Maolin the USB HDD for backups has to be plugged into the USB port 3 (back left when looking at the back) so it is identified as a USB HDD and not a USB Key.
Anybody come across this issue before? Licenses randomly stopping on OTUC only. I know 4760 and OXE do not do because licenses are local to those VM machines.

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Post by frank » 27 Jan 2010 00:07

Good luck with R&D, lol.
Can you share the log file ?
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Post by bascul » 08 Nov 2010 08:16

I had the same problem, licenses disappearing after restart of flex service. Turned out there was a duplicate IP@ of the BICS in a WI-FI
phone access point. This was changes and now works fine.

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Re: BiCS and OTUC license not working

Post by banfield » 15 Dec 2010 16:46

Hi. Can I ask a related question? What do you all give as hostname for SIP DM and ICS when creating on BP?
I have given the machines hostname. But when looking at the BiCS license files after installation they are all changes to same hostname as BiCS server.
The explanation I got from Level 2 is this is the case because the FlexLM is located on the BiCS.
But if it is like this why do i then need to specify two more times the hostname on BP page for licenses that already should be like what I have written for the BiCS?
We have notice problem when upgrade ore doing add-ons. The hostname is then wrong and the FlexLM don´t start.
I think the documentation on this is so bad. There is no exact information on things.

By the way I have manage to get NFS working great against an Windows 2008 so now we never use hard drive at customer location anymore.
But you could hope there had been better documented then two lines in documentation Lol :lol:

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