BICS new install - advice wanted

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BICS new install - advice wanted

Post by FN_DK » 21 Dec 2010 06:04

Hello Alcatel Unleased,

First of all, thx for a nice informal forum.

I have been given the task to install a new BICS R2.2.1 on a IBM app. server. So far I have all the software ready (+licenses) and have been spending many hours reading dokumentation regarding the projekt. (Not only the installment procedure)

So, what I really wanted is to hear from ppl that have tried to install a new BICS themselfs. Any hints? Any small tips that I should know? Things I should be carefull of? Probelms ppl have had and sovled?

I know about checking the BIOS version.

I have worked with many other aspects of the Alcatel Enterprise/4400 planform, but not the BICS so far. Anything would be helpfull.

Best Regards

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Re: BICS new install - advice wanted

Post by banfield » 29 Jan 2011 23:10

Hmmm I have maybe some hints for an inexperienced.
Don´t get confused you get Boot CD with BiCS delivers.
You need the 2 BiCS DVD and Red Hat. The boot that tells what rpm should be used is on the DVD 1.
So if even say installing Red Hat first time keep the BiCS DVD 1 in the machine.
After you gone through the language settings and system say you don´t have right CD in server, you should then change to Red Hat CD.
Installation and file system creating takes approx. 10 min. After this is done you asked to remove CD.
Remove the Red Hat but DON´T put in any BiCS DVD. Let the system reboot and then when script has run and u asked to put in DVD.
Installation can take some time and the screen can go blank. Just give it time :)

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