Voip and key system type operation not compatible

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Voip and key system type operation not compatible

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I only found out this week that you can't use "line keys" (for that read special physical access keys) with VoIP trunks. the reason I was given was that VoIP isn't a physical service but neither is ISDN and they managed that! I have a customer where they put calls on hold on line 1 and when they come back to them they are on a different line key, also a call showing as ringing on line one on one phone may show as ringing on line 2 on another! Now as I type this it occurs to me that this may be the same issue but I have been told that the way forward is to use one touch park keys. As is always the case when you have a problem customer, we couldn't get the park to stay parked for more than 30 seconds and this is being escalated to Alcatel by our distributors.

I don't believe this situation and would appreciate any feed back from others who may have hit issues like this and how they dealt with it as if this is truly the case, I have to put severe limitations on the sales force around selling Alcatel where the customer wants a "Key System" type solution! I might add this customer is on the verge of legal action to have the system removed!
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Re: Voip and key system type operation not compatible

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You can use MLA if you want.
A user (or virtual set) will have primary MLA 1, 2, and 3.
All other users which have secondary MLA will have a reflection of 1, 2, and 3.
If someone picks up line 1, all extensions will see line 1 busy and/or can park it.
Is this what you are looking for?

The 30 second park is a timer issue.
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