OXO - Unable to get serial connection via PuTTY

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OXO - Unable to get serial connection via PuTTY

Post by dj831 » 01 Sep 2017 04:50

Hello all,

I'm totally new to Alcatel OXO (but I use Cisco devices for a while).

I'd like to get a basic connection to an OXO compact edition, via 'Config' port on CPU-4 board, with PuTTY, to try to log in. I built an adapter, made from an old grey Cisco adapter (DB9 female to RJ45 female), rewiring pins on DB9 female that way (pinout found on that forum):

DB-9 | RJ-45 OXO
1 No connection
2 6
3 3
4 2
5 4,5
6 7
7 1
8 8
9 No connection

I then put a straight cable from that adapter to 'Config' port of OXO, but I get absolutely nothing, only garbage (3 characters) at the very beginning of the boot ... I use PuTTY w/ default settings (9600,n,8,1).

I even tried to put a cable from LAN port to a switch, configured with a VLAN on 192.168.92.x /24 (since it seems that default address of OXO is somewhere in that range). OXO does not get any IP on DHCP pool configured for that range - I see MAC address on port where OXO is connected, though.

Any help on serial port wiring/connection would be (very) appreciated!


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Re: OXO - Unable to get serial connection via PuTTY

Post by mgoegel » 03 Sep 2017 03:52

There is no console in the OXO, as you know it from Cisco.
The console works with 115k and provides a ppp login.
You will need the OMC software and a IP connection.
Default IP is
If you couldn't ping it, then it could be changed to something different.

Regards Mario

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Re: OXO - Unable to get serial connection via PuTTY

Post by dj831 » 04 Sep 2017 04:04

Hi Mario, thanks a bunch for your answer !

Anyway, this is not as simple as abc, since this device belonged to a decommissioned site of my company, and I have no idea of network's parameters - the only thing I know is that it is somewhere in class A and has a mask of /24 (thus 2^16 possible ranges). Furthermore, I'd like to retrieve former parameters without erasing something.

I will try to see if something happens in console @ 115.2kb - let's hope so ... :wink:

Have a nice day!

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Re: OXO - Unable to get serial connection via PuTTY

Post by chris1911 » 20 Jan 2018 15:25


I'm in a quite similar situation. The IP address of the OXO R7.10 is unknown, ping scans in the usual private ipv4 address spaces did not return any result.
That's why I wan t to connect OMC R22.0.7.1a to the OXO via V24.
The direct serial connection works (tested with hyperterminal), the login prompt is shown. The serial port is not in traces-mode.

When OMC tries to connect to the OXO, I only get
"PPP-Connection establishment failed."
"734. The PPP link control protocol was terminated."

The interesting part comes up when looking at the modem log (which one has to activate in the first place).
When the modem connection is established, windows sends some newlines to get a reply from the remote side
(probably the start of the good old Hayes protocol). But the reply "Login:" is not recognized as a valid sequence and the connection is then aborted.

I am not quite sure how the V24/ppp connection shall work.
- Is my oxo in a wrong state? Do I have to switch the config port to a ppp mode? How do I do so?
- How is the ppp connection initiated?
The console port shows a login prompt. Does Windows send some login credentials to initiate the ppp connection?
Or is the ppp connection started by some special ascii characters?

Thanks in advance

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