Account code before answering calls

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Account code before answering calls

Post by AndyK » 30 Aug 2018 10:16

Hi All

hope everyone is well?

i have a unique request from a client with an OXO running the latest release10.3
he would like to know if it is possible to enter an account code before a call can be answered.... for reasons as follows.

a user Bob for example is sitting at extension 2033 (not there own extension)
A call comes in and Bob answers it
Bobs speaks a lots of nonsense to the customer
The customer complains and says, I called ext 2033 and someone gave me grief on the phone
We look for owner of extension who happens to be John
John says I never answered such a call, which is true

Now if I had put in my account code before I answered the call, we all know it was Bob that answered it.

Can this be done?


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Re: Account code before answering calls

Post by cavagnaro » 30 Aug 2018 10:43

No, maybe a CTI integration? Would need some development. Maybe a code after the call?

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