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Restricted Mode

Post by aflores » 22 Jun 2009 23:27

Hello guys, I need some help with this issue, my workmate (whom was in charge of Omnivista) just leave the company and now it was asigned to me and I dont know anything of that, so I hope you can help me.

I was thinking that the trouble may be a LAN trouble so the 4760 can not reach the OXE trough the LAN but the Lan connection if working fine, I can do ping and telner to the OXE without problems since de 4760 server, but I dont know, What cause this trouble?

After try to log in to the server I got this error taht says:

"Omnivista will funtion on restricted mode cause of following licences errors"

"The 4760 server has take to long time without check his licence acording to the declare node"


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Re: Restricted Mode

Post by tincho.rn » 23 Jun 2009 09:06

Hola. How many OXEs do you have? Do you have a firewall between the 4760 and the OXE?. What logs do you have if you force a full synchronization?. Check that there are some jobs in the scheduler, one of then do the synchronization. There you can read some logs and check when was the last time this job execute. Regards.
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