Independent Genesys Licence Monitoring Tool

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Independent Genesys Licence Monitoring Tool

Post by adam gill » 06 Nov 2014 12:22

Hi All,

Over the last few months we've been putting some serious effort into getting a dashboard developed to show Genesys seat license usage. The word usage here is important. If you have 1500 licenses but only use 800, there is some serious money being wasted!

If you can prove the usage then you can save on the annual tech support fees, save on any upgrade fees especially if you're in the process of going from v7.6 to v8.x. All the costs of the contact centre are examined so why not examine your Genesys costs?

The product is called GLASS Dashboard and the stats can be sliced and diced in ways to suit you.

PDF Brochure is on this page:!glass/mainPage

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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