VisualIVR variables to use in DB and agent number

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VisualIVR variables to use in DB and agent number

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I have two VisualIVR scripts configured. On is executed in the entrance of the Callcenter, to qualify the call and direct it to the right segment, and to collect some data from an Oracle Database to show to the agent in Agent Genesys Desktop.

It's working fine.

Now, after the call is attended, the agent transfer it to another service, to execute another VisualIVR script, that's a survey to see the quality of the agent.

Well, everything is running fine, but:

1. I have to register on the survey IVR, who is answering the survey. I know i can use ANI as a mark (and I'm using), but it's not 100% assured, because sometimes two different people may work in the same place and i would have a gap in this situation. I'd like to use one of the collected DATA from the Oracle in the first IVR to mark the person in the second IVR. Is it possible?

2. In the survey, i must mark the agent who attended this call, so the client may see who is fine and who is bad. Is there any system variable with this information, since the call has already been transfered? How can i mark it?

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