CCD Reporting API

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CCD Reporting API

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does anyone know how the CCSupervision Tool is getting the CCD Data from the PBX?
We want to use the Data in a BI System for Reports.

Since CCSupervision is able to get the Data from the System it must be possible.
I know there are Tools like Telesys Reporting that can do that.

But what kind of Connection is being used here?
Does the Alcatel PBX have some kind of REST API or what Interface could we use to get Data?
Could we access some Part of the Database and pull Informations from there?

Any Help will be appreciated.
(and please don't reply with Posts like you have to buy this or that expensive Alcatel License - because if CCSupervision or Telesys are able to do it without an extra License - it is possible without it)

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Re: CCD Reporting API

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