Visual CC not showing premium stats

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Visual CC not showing premium stats

Post by adtoto94 » 19 Oct 2012 11:00


we 've a premium (3.0.304.C) with SQL 2000 et we've problem with reports of visual CC.
So Visual cc don't show the stat or show blank cells on quick look or on excel. the problem occurred after the reboot the server

this is visuall CC log:
19/10/2012 16:19:03 Standard OTCCPE VisualCCServer GCTI-28-21000 Unable to find StatisticHandler for requestID = 713
19/10/2012 16:18:57 Standard OTCCPE VisualCCServer GCTI-28-21000 <Type> is : Direct in XMLmonitoring and DirectInternal in XMLcommon, for statistic Ch_Agt_TTStateCallInBound

19/10/2012 16:18:18 Standard OTCCPE VisualCCServer GCTI-28-21000 - getTransactionAnnex ChicagoDefaultDistributionRule error : empty section queue 73401

Is there anyone to help me

Thank 's


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