Numbers of new mails in 4635 on Wallboard

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Numbers of new mails in 4635 on Wallboard

Post by michael1 » 07 Dec 2012 09:25


I have a question to the soft panel.
It is possible to show on the soft panel how many mails are in the inbox.
The reason is the following.
I have a customer which is using a Alcatel Call Center with a soft panel.
Now he ask me to see the voice mails form the 4635 from the overflow of his Call Center on the Soft panel.
I have read that the soft panel can use business data with java jms but the description is very small.
So it is not clear for my how it works
But my idea is to put the information of the numbers of new mails on the soft panel by getting this information over imap from the voicemail.

Thanks for your answers


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Re: Numbers of new mails in 4635 on Wallboard

Post by cavagnaro » 10 Dec 2012 11:36

Next time before posting 3 times your question read the rules and warnings like that your message needs an approval before posting.
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